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Training Overview


OSHA and Workplace Occupational Health & Safety Training Courses in the New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic Regions

United Alliance has OSHA and workplace occupational health and safety training courses for businesses in the New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our dynamic interactive approach is tailored to meet our client’s needs. Our interactive training solutions integrate technology and hands-on learning, leaving our clients the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your business. United Alliance Services’ has extensive professional instructional staff which bring over the three decade of industry practical experience to the classroom as well as the best leaning experience a instructor can offer through the use of training principles that have been proven to show outstanding results for our clients. Our accredited instructional staff has developed programs that incorporated the lasted regulatory requirement and best industry practices in the area of workplace environmental, health and safety training. With a dedication to customer service, United Alliance Services’ will work to fulfill our client’s workplace goals workplace environmental, health and safety and training requirements.


Development of Certification Courses:

United Alliance Services experienced instructional staff and extensive resources, gives us the ability meet our client needs in the area of certification courses. Through proven methodologies in multiple areas of expertise will help keeping your workforce certified and advancing their skill set and essential in today's workforce.

The certification content development processes will ensure that each certification activity is planned, implemented and evaluated in accordance with the Clients workplace environmental, health and safety policies, operational requirements and regulatory criteria, based on the disciplines required for the target audience.


Professional Developed Training Courses:

With a library of over a hundred proven instructionally-designed courses for workplace environmental, health and safety training, United Alliance Services’ is a leading expert in interactive instructor led workplace learning. United Alliance Services’ offers regulatory compliance training, skills training and certification training courses for general industry, industrial safety, emergency response, construction, maritime, security, law enforcement, healthcare, fire and environmental, health and safety professionals. Course categories include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Training required by OSHA, EPA, DOT, DEC
  • Workplace Safety and Emergency Training
  • HazComm, Hazardous Materials Identification, HAZWOPER Handling and Cleanup
  • OSHA Certified Outreach 10/30 hour Training for General Industry, Construction, Maritime and Disaster Workers
  • Emergency Procedures for Workplace Injuries and reporting requirements
  • Fire safety and Prevention
  • Industrial Training on NFPA, LOTO, Confined Space, Electrical Safety, Hotwork, Industrial hygiene, powered industrial trucks
  • Protective Equipment Training for all Industries
  • Construction Industry Training on Fall Protection, Excavations, Cranes, Aerial lifts, heavy equipment operations


Instructional Design and Implementation:

United Alliance Services’ utilizing its extensive library of in-house developed training courses, audio, video, interactive training content, multimedia production and knowledge base, to furnish end-to-end learning content for its clients. With this access from our extensive library we can customize any learning environment to fit our client’s needs. Instructional Design elements include:

  • Analyzing Needs: Potential content topics are identified based on needs assessment data provided by the client’s past and potential participants, literature reviews, subject matter expert (SME) recommendations, research and new industry trends.
  • Designing (Planning): Industry, regulatory and client policy research is conducted by an appropriate subject matter expert (SME) on staff to provide content related to the training topic.
  • Developing: During development, care is taken to ensure thoroughness of content, content/objective congruency, content/test materials congruency, logical sequencing and integrated delivery of eLearning objectives throughout the activity to promote a positive learning experience.
  • Implementing: During implementation, the plan is put into action. Each component of the activity is produced and quality checked prior to release to the intended audience.
  • Evaluating: Evaluation consists of formative evaluations conducted at each stage of the content development process and a summative evaluation designed for criterion-related referenced items providing opportunities for feedback from the users.
  • Analyzing: The data collected is analyzed to determine if the desired outcomes for the activity were met. For maximum efficacy, the content must support what has been identified as needs and gaps for the audiences being served.

Safety Training and Consulting

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