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OSHA Healthcare Training

HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Awareness Course


This is a comprehensive HIPAA awareness course is designed to inform healthcare professionals and business associates in every practice setting of patient privacy and security rights according to federal HIPAA guidelines. HIPAA compliance will protect not only the patient’s health information, but it will ensure trust and willingness for the patient to communicate with health care professionals.

OSHA 30 Hour General Industry for Healthcare

This course it designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry.   The course provides general industry workers, supervisors, and other personnel responsible for work related activities with an awareness of health and safety concerns in the workplace. All attendees will become familiar with reading and using the OSHA 29CFR1910 General Industry Standards. In additional the course will introduce other OSHA and related healthcare industry regulations for discussion.

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry for Healthcare

The OSHA 10-hour General Industry safety course was developed by the United States Department of Labor to provide general industry workers, supervisors, and other personnel with an awareness of safety and health concerns. All participants will become familiar with reading and using the OSHA Standards for General Industry 29 CFR 1910. Students receive an update and review of standard safety and health principals, and information that will prepare them to recognize and control a variety of hazardous conditions.

Healthcare Providers Course

This is an 8 hour comprehensive training program, providing everything employers and employees need to ensure compliance with all OSHA standards and requirements. The topics discussed within this program are designed to assist healthcare providers achieve improved performance and results in all areas of clinical, financial and operational management.  Participants will receive a full manual which is ready for customizing as an OSHA policy manual.

Tuberculosis Prevention and Control


This 2 hour course will provide you with a basic understanding of tuberculosis, common modes of transmission, methods of prevention, and what to do if an exposure occurs. Information presented will help minimize serious health risks to persons who may have personal exposure to tuberculosis in the workplace. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. 




Safety Training and Consulting

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