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Department of Transportation Safety Courses

DOT Hazardous Waste Manifesting

UASC-DT-142-A DOT Hazardous Waste Manifesting (4-Hours)

Federal and state law mandates that individuals who sign hazardous waste manifests have appropriate hazardous waste and DOT Training. This course will teach students how to complete a hazardous waste manifest and fulfill the regulatory training requirements.


DOT Work Zone Safety Awareness

UASC-DT-141-A DOT Work Zone Safety Awareness (4- or 8-Hours depending on class)


Attendees will obtain basic knowledge relating to how to set up traffic patterns and detours on roadways and the importance of having a written traffic control plan in place before work begins. Students will learn how to remain visible to traffic and learn which traffic control devices are best for each traffic situation.

*This course complies with NYCDOB - Crane Signal & Flagging



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