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We Provide OSHA and Workplace Health & Safety Solutions for Multiple Industries

Every company has a legal obligation to provide their workers with a safe work environment.  No matter what industry you work in, it is imperative for all employers to provide their employees with a quality health and safety program that offers awareness and safety training.  Turning to a company like United Alliance Services for assistance in safety consulting and training ensures a compliant and safe work environment for your company.  We use “best industry practices” tailored to your specific industry and we follow up with the necessary support and structure to maintain a healthy and safe management system.

Whatever your company’s needs are, our services can be customized to meet your needs:

  • Health and Safety Program Development

  • Client Specific Orientation Development

  • Job Hazard Analysis

  • On-site Safety Evaluations

  • Safety Committee Leadership

  • Insurance Loss Control

  • Third Party Incident Investigations

  • Customized Topical Safety Training

  • OSHA Outreach Training

United Alliance Services provides various OSHA and workplace health & safety solutions for all types of industries in New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic region. With worker compensation costs and regulatory fines on the increase, companies are forced to produce a quality product with strict budget constraints and fewer resources.  Our professional staff is committed to helping clients improve their safety culture, eliminate safety and health hazards, reduce workplace incidents and injuries costs, and production down time.  We have a full time staff of safety professionals and a consultant network available to assist you with your safety and risk requirements.

Workplace Health & Safety Solutions and OSHA Compliance for Your Industry

in New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic

Our staff and network of qualified consultants and trainers specialize in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and industry best practices. 

OSHA Compliance Consultation

Outsourcing your safety needs to a professional safety consulting and training company like us, provides the most efficient and cost-effective means of ensuring compliance.  Our staff and network of qualified consultants and trainers specialize in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.  Our services move beyond preventing accidents by helping companies develop safe, high-quality work environments that boost employee morale, diminish illness and injury incidents, and maintain a company’s competitive edge.


Safety Training and Consulting

Schedule an OSHA training or free risk assessment!