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Host an OSHA Class for Your Subs

Ever been on a job with many different subs, where there are folks from each company that need their OSHA 10 or 30 cards, or another safety training certification? Be the one to host the training! We will come to your site to conduct training for your employees, your subcontractors, your ...

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steel structure

1926 Subpart R: Steel Erection

29 CFR 1926 is the construction standard for safety and health under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.  Part 1926 currently has 28 subparts that cover a wide array of construction topics like Blasting and the Use of Explosives, Excavations, Fall Protection and Steel Ere...

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Marc Bianco Demonstrating fall protection gear in class

24 Hour Fall Protection for the Competent Person

EM 385-1-1 is the Safety and Health Requirements Manual for the US Army Corps of Engineers. It references both 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1926, yet it has more rigorous requirements in some cases.  It covers program management, medical and first aid, personal protective and safety equipment...

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flooded disaster area

Safety After Disaster: OSHA Disaster Site Worker Training

Those who respond to disaster sites are exposed to some unique workplace hazards. Their working environment is an unpredictable, changing landscape, often fraught with human trauma. There are physical as well as emotional tolls that affect disaster site workers, and being trained and prepare...

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Boston Ironworkers with fall protection

Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction

Fatal occupational injuries by selected worker characteristics and selected industry, All U.S., all ownerships, 2014[1]   Percentage   Characteristic All industries Construction (code GP1CON) All industries Construction&...

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Municipal police car at stoplight

New Traffic Signals in Massachusetts

Have you begun to see a flashing yellow arrow at Massachusetts area traffic intersections? What is it for? What do I do? This improvement is in response to the many crashes from left turning vehicles. Because the turning vehicle is broadside to traffic, these crashes can be very severe. Road...

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Top 5 Cited Hazardous Communication Regulations of 2015

What are the top five cited hazardous communication regulations of 2015?     1. 1910.1200 (e)(1) Developing, Implementing & Maintaining a Written Hazard Communication Program          670 Violations     ...

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Construction or General Industry: Which Certification is Right for You?

How do you know if OSHA construction or general industry standard(s) apply to your organization? OSHA has developed several industry-specific safety standards that are considered laws, under the US Department of Labor. Construction standard 1926 applies to work for construction, alteration, ...

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Landscaping Safety: Three Areas of Concern

Summer is fading to fall, and yard maintenance is on every home-owners mind, which means landscapers will be hard at work. Keeping up with landscaping and other agricultural/ horticultural services is imperative and, if done right can be a safe, easy and enjoyable job. However, that doe...

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OSHA Complaint Filed Against Plymouth, MA Construction Company

The BOJ Construction (Plymouth, Mass.) website is simple and replete with pictures of gorgeous woodwork and impressive commercial projects. Those who’ve used BOJ say that they are highly skilled and keep their commitments. However, BOJ was reportedly under federal investigation by OSHA ...

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