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Escalator Safety

Having children of my own, it is hard to read so much information regarding the dangers when riding  escalators, especially for children.   A 4-year-old boy who had a fatal accident while on the escalator at Sears in the Auburn Mall .  Another 4-year-old boy had his foot...

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Did You Know?

   OSHA Inspections:Conducted without advance noticeOn-site inspections, or Phone/Fax investigationsHighly-trained compliance officersSee Fact Sheet on OSHA Inspections [359KB PDF]     Inspection Priorities:Imminent dangerCatastrophesWorker c...

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UASC confined space equipment

Confined Space Entry Hazards Cause Worker Deaths

Employee lives are claimed by confined spaces every year. Last September in Tarrytown New York a sewer worker and an assistant fire chief died as a result of entering a manhole where dangerously low oxygen levels were present. It doesn’t take long to become a fatality. As a rule, confined sp...

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Mass Lead Safe RRP Class Door Demo

EPA/Mass DOS Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Safe Practices

  A guide for safe practices under the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. Renovation, repair and painting rule (RRP) requires the certified contractor to provide with lead-safe work practice to minimize any potential hazard that might emerge from these situations. Followi...

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Frances Perkins

Triangle Shirtwaste Fire, Unions, and Worker Safety

Friday is the 100th anniversary of an American workplace disaster: the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. This tragedy reminds us of the importance of unions and collective bargaining in protecting the safety — and sometimes the lives — of workers. When the fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwais...

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Mass Lead Safe RRP Class Door Demo

Massachusetts DOS and EPA Begins Enforcement of Lead RRP

Enforcement has begun on the Mass DOS Mass DOS  -  EPA Lead RRP program . The fines are stiff, up to $37,500 per violation! So, read on and then answer the question, “Have you been trained?” While agents may be quite busy with the leads provided by tips and anonym...

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Infographic Top Ten OSHA Violations

Timeline of OSHA's 40 Year History

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established in 1971. Since then, OSHA and our state partners, coupled with the efforts of employers, safety and health professionals, unions and advocates, have had a dramatic effect on workplace safety. Fatality and injury rates have dro...

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Required PPE Sign

OSHA Multi-Employer Citation Policy

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a Directive clarifying its multi-employer citation policy. OSHA claims that it is continuing its basic policy, bygiving a more clear and detailed guidance than did the earlier description of the policy in OSHA...

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workplace injury stitches on leg

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Workplace Injuries

Hidden costs of an employee’s workplace injury could have a major impact on your business! For most workplace injury, as little as one-tenth of the ultimate cost may be apparent, leaving nine-tenths of it hidden and with potentially disastrous effects on a business. To avoid such an occur...

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OSHA 10 Hour Construction Class Fall Protection Demo

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course Required by 5 Northeastern States

OSHA (The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has developed a program to promote safety in the construction industry by standardizing a set of requirements known as the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course. This course has been so widespread and successful, that many sta...

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Safety Training and Consulting

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