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Certified Women's Business Enterprise


United Alliance Services Corporation is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise

Being certified as a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) differentiates United Alliance Services as a corporation that is owned, managed, and controlled by a woman and meets the diversity requirements needed to achieve procurement goals, improve government contracting opportunities, foster value-added relationships, support alternative business models, provide tax incentives, and demonstrate a positive impact on the community and the nation as a whole.

Given the strong economic trend of companies outsourcing resources, United Alliance Services was formed to provide workplace safety consulting and training to businesses both small and large.  We stand out as a woman owned safety training and consulting firm because of the complete menu of workplace safety services we offer.  We believe outsourcing YOUR safety needs will save you money and provide your company with the confidence of safety compliance.

At United Alliance Services we have several qualified employees that work with us full time and on an as-needed basis.  These employees are Certified Safety Professionals with many years’ experience as safety engineers in industries ranging from general to construction to maritime and health services.  Utilizing our services would allow your company the opportunity to place safety services and trainings where needed and allow United Alliance Services the task of ensuring workplace safety compliance without the need for you to provide the extension of employee benefits.

Placing an independent safety provider under the umbrella of your company also provides a non-partisan safety perspective ensuring solid workplace compliance.  Our staff of safety professionals is continually in touch with OSHA updates and new regulatory compliance directives.  Our relationship with OSHA gives us the edge over the average safety department director.