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At United Alliance, we understand business risk and how role safety programs are seen in today’s competitive business clement. Without a proper safety management system and budget for safety you are jeopardizing your business in so many ways!

Have you considered how your business may be at risk?

  • You invest a lot of energy and money in your workforce, what would the cost of the operational lost be when an employee gets injured? In today’s market finding skilled labor is a real challenge… And losing an employee to a injury can affect other employees moral and efficiencies.
  • Have you lost your competitive edge because of high insurance rating? What’s your EMR? Is your EMR preventing you from bidding work?
  • Are your clients requiring you to have your safety program prequalified prior to bidding? Do you have to subscribe safety prequalification programs like ISNetWorld or Constructsecure? Alternatively, is you safety program needed to maintain your ISO certification?
  • Are you able to promote your business based on your commitment to safety? Can your commitment to safety be seen by your employees, clients, vendors and subcontractor?

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Protect your most valuable assets - your employees.

Companies who properly manage and budget their worker’s safety and healthcare positioned to operate more efficiently and become more profitable.

Our Annual Safety and Compliance Program focuses on 6 main areas to help you decrease workplace hazards and increase profits.

The 300 Hour Annual Safety and Compliance Program consists of:

  • 16 Hours - Initial Risk Assessment
  • 24 Hours - Job Hazard Assessment
  • 60 Hours - Development of Corporate Health & Safety Plan
  • 120 Hours - Safety Compliance Auditing, Inspections and Reporting
  • 20 Hours - Employee Training: OSHA or Applicable
  • 60 Hours - Corporate Heath & Safety Management Support

Our senior consultants and instructional staff are qualified and experienced in creating occupational safety and health management solutions.

United Alliance Services Corporation provides occupational safety and health management services throughout the Northeast. We help our clients achieve a safer work environment, which typically results in a healthier bottom-line profit. We believe that companies who properly manage and budget their worker’s safety and health, are positioned to operate more efficiently and and become more profitable.

United Alliance can help your company or organization develop, implement, and maintain a safety and health program that meets and exceeds OSHA safety requirements and in most cases is much more cost effective than managing the personnel and process internally.