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OSHA Construction Courses

Silica Awareness Update

This course is designed to familiarize workers with the history and nature of this potentially dangerous element. It will also alert participants to recognize the health effects from exposure, introduce them to various ways to reduce exposure, and select the best personal protective equipment. Participants will also review the Construction OSHA Silica standard changes that were implemented on September 23, 2017.

Worker Water Safety Awareness Training

This 4-hour awareness course addresses the specific problems encountered when working on, over, or adjacent to water. It is designed to meet and exceed the industrial requirements of OSHA 1926.106. Our program provides the essential knowledge and awareness training to allow your employees to travel and perform their work in small groups on or near coastal waterways and in remote settings safely and effectively. This course is OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Indoor Hoisting and Rigging Training Course

United Alliance Services Corporation provides an indoor hoisting and rigging training course for construction businesses in New England and New York City. This course is designed to educate the worker on the significant safety issues to be considered while moving large, heavy loads associated with today's manufacturing and construction industries. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. 

Hot Work Permit Training Course

​United Alliance Services Corp offers a hot work permit training course for construction businesses in New England and New York City. Hot work can be defined as any operation such as brazing, cutting, welding, grinding, soldering, or torching that can cause sparks or flames. While such work is necessary, the hazards associated can be minimized through an effective hot work permit program. This 30-minute course provides an overview of an OSHA-compliant hot work permit program, including the permit process, roles and responsibilities, and controls used to minimize the risk of fire.

24-Hour Competent Person Fall Protection Training (USACE EM 385)

This course includes in-class lectures including PowerPoint and video and hands-on scenarios applying theory discussed to practical workplace situations. This Competent Person training is a pass/fail program incorporating both written and practical examinations and is based on the requirements of the federal regulations and local legislation that will be discussed and reinforced. Attendees will learn practical solutions to difficult fall protection problems using appropriate tools and equipment.

OSHA Basic Rigger & Signal Person Course

The 4-HR Basic Rigger training is designed to fulfill the training requirements for Basic Rigger person under the new OSHA requirement 1926.1400, as well as to provide the class attendee an overview of hazards related to rigging and in the establishment of safe and proper rigging practices.

Each participant will be required to take a written exam on the applicable OSHA standards as well a practical exam of all required signaling.

Overhead Crane Operator Training Course


This course is designed for overhead crane and hoist operators. Participants learn safe operating procedures and daily inspections which form a consistent approach to crane safety.  The training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of experienced operators, trainees, safety personnel, inspectors, maintenance personnel, managers and supervisors.

OSHA Supported Scaffold User Course

This course is designed to address the use of supported scaffold systems under the OSHA construction industry regulation 29 CFR 1926 and general industry regulation 29 CFR 1910. Federal OSHA regulations require training for all employees prior to the use of any and all supported scaffolding systems.

The course objective is focused on safe work procedures during the erection, use, and dismantling of supported scaffolds and provides each participant with the thorough understanding and knowledge necessary to perform work safely on scaffolding systems.

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach Course

Developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide construction workers, supervisors, and other personnel responsible for construction activities with an awareness of construction health and safety concerns in the construction industry. All attendees will become familiar with reading and using the OSHA 29CFR 1926 Construction Standards. Other OSHA related regulations will also be discussed. Students will be presented with more safety related information and OSHA Standards as compared to the 10-Hour OSHA Construction course.


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