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OSHA General Industry Courses

Hospitality Safety Orientation / Accident Prevention Training


Employees of Hotels, Food Service/Catering Industries, and Event Coordinators face a variety of risks to health and safety including security threats, fires, slips, trips and falls. This course is designed to increase awareness of the types of hazards that exist in the workplace and equips employees to recognize and eliminate potential hazards. Not only will this course give employees a solid foundation to protect themselves on the job, it will help to identify potential hazards that may affect other staff and patrons.

Health And Safety Plan (HASP) Development


Health and Safety Plans (HASP) Development Course (8-Hours)

Health and Safety Plans are established by the employer or a designated health and safety officer to ensure employee protection against hazards. Development of your company’s comprehensive health and safety program is of utmost importance to worker safety. Participants will also learn the essentials of developing site specific health and safety plans.  


Automotive Safety Fleet Management Awareness



Automotive Safety/ Fleet Management Awareness (4-Hours)


Employees in auto body, auto service shops, and fleet managers are potentially exposed to a variety of chemical and physical hazards. This course is designed to assist individuals and managers in the development of safety and health protocols for personal protection as well as employer/employee protection.  




Safety Training and Consulting

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