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CPR for healthcare

OSHA and Workplace Health & Safety Consultation and Training for the Healthcare, Medical, and Dental Industry

United Alliance Services has created an intensive process for making sure that your practice or business is accomplishing the necessary functions to maintain good regulatory compliance. We will create a site-specific compliance program that covers a wide range of issues, such as: Corporate Compliance, OSHA and HIPAA/HITECH. We also provide  OSHA safety consultation for the healthcare industry in New England and New York City.

Our team of healthcare consultants has built healthcare compliance programs for organizations servicing medical, dental, emergency care, clinical care and hospitals. We have defined the "best practices" for the healthcare compliance industry and we are constantly monitoring industry requirements to keep your organization up-to-date with any regulatory changes. Our professionally developed healthcare compliance programs give you the peace of mind to run your organization with the full backing of our compliance team.

How Our Compliance Services Work for Your Company

Our expertise and focused team of healthcare specialists offer you all inclusive programs:

  • On-site inspection and initial review. The on-site inspection is a complete top to bottom review of your facility performed by a professional compliance consultant.
  • Detailed written recommendations. These recommendations cite relevant OSHA standards, CDC guidelines and other regulatory requirements. 
  • Individualized site-specific safety manuals. All healthcare facilities must have a written Hazard Communication Program and Exposure Control Plan. Your manuals will contain detailed information about hazard communication, exposure control, an emergency evacuation plan and the safety protocols of your facility. 
  • Safety Data Sheet system and labeling system. Your facility will receive a customized SDS catalog and training on how to access SDS information. Healthcare facilities are required, by law, to label hazardous products that are not in their original containers. 
  • On-site staff training or online training. One of the most important elements of a safe working environment for employees is annual training on safety regulations and the specific safety hazards of their jobs.  
  • Continuous program maintenance. When your facility has been inspected, recommendations reviewed, and staff training completed, your facility enters into our continuous compliance maintenance program. This maintenance program is designed to keep your company in compliance and assist you with questions or problems.

Healthcare Compliance Services - Onsite Training

The process of maintaining an up-to-date healthcare compliance program requires a commitment of substantial time. Supervisors and/or business office managers have job-specific duties that do not typically include compliance program maintenance. Should your facility is be audited by one of the numerous state or federal regulatory bodies, you don’t want to leave safety compliance to chance.  Being prepared for the audit by maintaining an up-to-date compliance model allows business to flow without the interruption of an audit.  It takes a diverse set of skills to develop and implement a comprehensive compliance program. OSHA, ADA, EPA, FDA, NFPA and other federal, state and local regulatory bodies are writing policies and creating guidelines that you are responsible to maintain.

United Alliance Services offers you one of the most comprehensive end-to-end healthcare compliance program on record. Our compliance consultants are OSHA certified safety professionals who know healthcare safety and have the experience needed to teach your staff good safety practices.