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drydock shipyard workers

OSHA and Workplace Environmental Health & Safety Consultation and Training for the Maritime Industry

Effective health and safety management systems are the cornerstone for any successful business. At United Alliance Services, we provide OSHA safety consultation and training for the maritime industry in the New England, Tri-State, and Mid-Atlantic regions. United Alliance Services consultative staff includes experienced and knowledgeable maritime safety. We have over 50 years combined experience in maritime safety and health programs.

United Alliance Services is dedicated to assisting our valued clients with effective strategies in order to maintain a safe and healthy work place in a maritime environment. As part of your overall service, we will assist you in the development of your safety process by providing information, consultation, and systems that will take your program to the next level. 

United Alliance Services maritime specialists provide OSHA safety consultation for the maritime industry and will address loss control and safety issues relevant to shipyards, stevedores, marine terminal operators, and marine construction companies.  We further address loss control exposures and provide successful solutions for maritime firms to drive down workers’ compensation costs.

United Alliance Services maritime consulting and training services include: