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Popular Classes in Connecticut

OSHA 10-Hour Construction OSHA 30-Hour Construction 40-Hour HazWoper
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry OSHA 30-Hour General Industry 24-Hour HazWoper
OSHA 10-Hour Maritime - Shipyard Employment OSHA 10-Hour Maritime - Marine Terminal Employees OSHA 10-Hour Maritime - Longshoring Operations
OSHA 30-Hour Maritime - Shipyard Employment OSHA 30-Hour Maritime - Marine Terminal Employees OSHA 30-Hour Maritime - Longshoring Operations


Who Enforces the OSHA Regulations in Connecticut?

Worker safety for private companies needing OSHA training in Hartford, Connecticut is regulated by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Connecticut operates a state OSHA program (CONN-OSHA), exclusively for state and local (e.g. municipal) employers. 

OSHA Regulations and Standards in Connecticut:

Federally regulated employers located in Connecticut are governed by the federal OSHA health and safety standards found in the 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These include, but are not limited to, the OSHA general industry standards in 29CFR1910, maritime standards in 29CFR Parts 1915, 1917 and 1918construction standards in 29CFR1926, and agricultural standards in 29CFR1928. Private sector employers needing OSHA training in Connecticut should comply with these regulations.

Connecticut OSHA State Laws for the Construction Industry:

The OSHA 10 hour construction course is required for all employees of any public building, project paid for in whole or part by state funding, or any of its agencies, where the total cost is over $100,000.

Each contractor needs to furnish proof that all employees have taken the OSHA 10 hour construction course within 30 days of being awarded the contract. Employees who have not completed the course are subject to removal from the worksite.

As in virtually all situations, the OSHA 10 hour course completion card or other proof, like a completion certificate, is required to show compliance. The law went into effect in 2007.

Special circumstances for Connecticut:  The OSHA 10 hour construction course must be re-taken every 5 years. There are some exceptions for the requirement that include: site work; roads or bridges; rail lines; parking lots; or underground water, sewer or drainage systems, including pump houses or other utility systems.

Already required by five states in the Northeast, the OSHA 10 Hour Course has become an "industry standard" for both the public and private sector projects. Many contractors in Connecticut also encourage supervisors to take the OSHA 30-hour course in order to better manage their 10-hour-trained workforces.

OSHA Jurisdiction in Connectcut:

Which agencies regulate OSHA training in Connecticut? It depends on whether they are a private-sector or public-sector employer. Federal OSHA exercises jurisdiction over most private employers in Connecticut. Federal employers in Connecticut also operate under the jurisdiction of federal OSHA. There is a federal OSHA office located in Connecticut at:

Hartford Area OSHA Office

Federal Building 450 Main Street, Room 613 Hartford, Connecticut 06103 (860) 240-3152


The OSHA national emergency hotline telephone number is 1-800-321-OSHA or visit OSHA website at

State and public employers are regulated by the State OSHA program (CONN-OSHA). Connecticut State OSHA enforcement information is available at (860) 263-6900, or on the Connecticut Department of Labor website.





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