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Workplace Consulting Services & OSHA Compliance

Strategic Workplace Occupational Health & Safety Consulting Services

To compete in today's ultra-competitive business environment, management and their staff are being asked to cut costs while increasing customer satisfaction, maintaining profitability, and providing a safe workplace for their employees. United Alliance Services Corporation’s consulting services can provide your organization with the occupational health and safety expertise you need in order to move forward, create measurable goals, and navigate through a never ending regulatory maze.

 Some of the services we provide include:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Consulting: UASC can help ensure your compliance with OSHA and other occupational safety and health related regulations providing training, program assessments, hazardous materials evaluations, audits, surveillance, and field inspections on projects.

  • Risk Management: UASC's alliance and experience with the insurance industry allows us to assist our clients in the coordination and development of loss control services required by carriers and brokers alike, while ensuring our client's safety programs are aligned with their insurance coverage.

  • Industrial Hygiene: UASC's team of industrial hygienists develops, maintains, and implements industrial hygiene audits and administers industrial safety programs to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

  • Hazard Assessment and Control: UASC's consultants are experienced in the recognition, identification, and evaluation of workplace hazards. UASC uses a systematic process to document these assessments and then select the appropriate controls to mitigate or eliminate worker exposure to identified occupational hazards.

  • Safety Technology: UASC utilizes a web-based safety tracking system which enables us to manage the collection of auditing data and synchronize it with our client's corporate information. This technology allows us to streamline the auditing process and reduce the time to corrective action.

  • Employee Wellness: UASC provides on-site drug and alcohol testing, respirator fit-testing, employee wellness programs, health awareness lunch and learns, and safety talks.

  • Emergency Preparedness: UASC's team has extensive experience with emergency management and preparedness, allowing us determines and evaluate the risk of exposure to workers, the environment, and the public in the event of an emergency. Additionally, UASC can assist in the development of response and mitigation plans, conduct drills, and formulate facility and operations vulnerability assessments.

  • OSHA Compliance Consulting for Healthcare: UASC can assist healthcare management teams in the medical and dental industry in the design of OSHA Compliance Plans, Emergency Action/Contingency Plans, Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plans, Hazard Communications Plans, Infection Control Plans, and Biomedical Waste Management Plans.

  • Security: UASC can assist in the evaluation of your access control systems, develop emergency procedures and contingency plans, and provide consultation on the protection and enhancement of loss-control measures.

  • Solid Waste and Recycling: UASC provides consulting services for landfills, transfer stations, and other solid waste and recycling facilities. UASC services include: operator and laborer training, operations planning, troubleshooting, and consulting services.


Safety Training and Consulting

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