Asbestos Safety for the Competent Person

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Asbestos Safety for the Competent Person

Price: $89.00

Course Description:

This course is designed to cover removing asbestos materials, installing asbestos containing materials, cleaning up asbestos spills, and the transporting, storing or housekeeping that is involved with asbestos-containing materials on a construction site.  This training also covers the duties and responsibilities of a job site competent person, to aid the student in achieving this designation.

Course Topics:

  • Asbestos Characteristics
  • Health Hazards
  • Exposure Limits and Assessment
  • Types of Asbestos
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Regulated Areas
  • Engineering Controls
  • Methods of Compliance
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Training Requirements
  • Job Classes
  • Clean-up and Disposal
  • Competent Person Responsibilities

Who Should Attend:

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Regulatory Requirements:

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1101

Additional Details:

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