Respiratory Protection


Respiratory Protection

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Course Description:

Workers who are exposed to dust and other contaminants are at risk of developing respiratory related diseases. This course will provide information that will enable employees to understand and prevent the hazards associated with dust, fumes, mists, and oxygen deficient and enriched atmospheres. Students will learn the types, proper selection, limitations, intended use, inspection, cleaning and storage of respirators. Participants will also learn about the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system. Attendees will be presented with the elements to create a required OSHA respiratory plan. Note: Students will not wear a respirator in this class.

Course Topics:

  • Written Program Procedures
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Respirator Use
  • Proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage
  • Respirator Selection
  • Fit Testing
  • Training
  • Emergency Situations

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for any worker who needs to wear a respirator or may potentially be exposed to toxic fumes, gases, or airborne contaminants of any kind.  Typical examples of workers needing this training include firefighters, construction workers, medical staff, or hazardous materials workers.

Regulatory Requirements:

OSHA standards 29 CFR 1910.134

Additional Details:

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