Accident Investigation And Reporting Simulation

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Accident Investigation And Reporting Simulation

Course #: UASC-HS-065-A 2

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Course Description:

Accidents in the workplace can prove costly to both victims and companies in the form of lost wages, lost productivity, lawsuits, and fines. In order to properly resolve accidents and prevent future occurrences, companies must act quickly in the aftermath of an incident. Trained investigators must be on hand to collect data, interview victims and witnesses, and report findings to management. The Accident Investigation and Reporting Simulation is designed to help supervisors and employees investigate accidents, report findings, and recommend a means of prevention. Over the course of the simulation, participants will practice a series of  accident investigation skills, encompassing the objectives of fact finding, interviewing witnesses, and problem solving and reporting.

Course Topics:

  • Fact finding
  • Interviewing witnesses

Who Should Attend:

Supervisors, potential accident investigation team members, and employees involved in an accident investigation

Regulatory Requirements:

  • OSHA 29CFR 1960.29
  • Accident Investigation

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