Accident Investigation

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Accident Investigation

Course #: UASC-HS-094-A 4

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description:

The investigative report of accidents shall include appropriate documentation on date, time, location, and description of operations, a description of the accident, photographs, interviews of employees and witnesses, measurements, and other pertinent information. The investigative report shall be made available to OSHA upon request. Accidents cost money and impact your company’s reputation, and reduce employee confidence. This course is designed to help you comply with OSHA regulations concerning accident investigations.

Course Topics:

  • Accident definitions and types
  • Near misses and what to investigate
  • Investigation theory and strategy
  • Root cause analysis
  • The OSHA 300 log
  • Case studies
  • Accident Prevention

Who Should Attend:

Supervisors, managers, members of safety committees, anyone who participates in accident investigations.

Regulatory Requirements:

  • OSHA 29CFR 1960.29
  • Accident Investigation

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