Food Safety And Handling

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Food Safety And Handling

Course #: UASC-HS-070-A

Course Duration: 22 Hours

Course Description:

Each year, bacteria in food cause millions of illnesses in the US. According to the Food and Drug Administration, between 2% and 3% of all food-borne illnesses result in secondary long-term illnesses. Some strains of E. coli can cause kidney failure in infants, and salmonella can lead to reactive arthritis and serious infections. In addition to the risks from badly prepared or handled food, there is the potential risk of malicious contamination. Those involved in food preparation must follow safe procedures to ensure that food contamination and its associated illnesses are prevented. This course focuses on the health risks associated with improperly handled food. It highlights the ways in which food can become contaminated and provides guidelines for storing and handling food safely. By applying the procedures recommended in this course, you can minimize the risk of food-related illnesses.

Course Topics:

  • Contamination and infection
  • Contamination risks
  • Symptoms and illness
  • Refrigeration and heating
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Food security
  • Hand washing and hygiene
  • Gloves

Who Should Attend:

Employees involved in food preparation

Regulatory Requirements:

Various OSHA Regulations

Additional Details:

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Massachusetts, Rhode Island

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