Worker Water Safety Awareness Training

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Worker Water Safety Awareness Training

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description:

This 4-hour awareness course addresses the specific problems encountered when working on, over, or adjacent to water. It is designed to meet and exceed the industrial requirements of OSHA 1926.106. Our program provides the essential knowledge and awareness training to allow your employees to travel and perform their work in small groups on or near coastal waterways and in remote settings safely and effectively. This course is OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Course Objectives:

  • Pre-planning operations on or near waterways
  • Assess environmental conditions: wind, waves and weather
  • Identify existing and predictable hazards of the marine environment and threats
  • Familiarize the worker with safety and survival techniques and methods to reduce drowning and exposure
  • Provide the knowledge and skill development to prevent capsizes or unplanned swims
  • Familiarize workers with the use of personal protective equipment and in-water self rescue/survival swimming techniques
  • Familiarize workers with any pre-positioned marine life-support equipment, its function and proper use

Course Topics:

  • Barges/ Floating Work Platforms
  • Method(s) of Anchoring Equipment
  • Motorized Equipment
  • Passive Fall Protection System
  • Personal Flotation Device {PFD)
  • Rescue Skiffs & Life Saving Boats
  • Personal Protective Devices
  • Ring Buoy / Life Lines
  • Restraint Device
  • Water Rescue Pole
  • Controlled Access Zone (Caz)
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • Access to Barge / Platform Communication on the Water
  • Working on Ice
  • First Aid and ER Devices
  • Emergency Notification
  • Training Requirements
  • Conformance To All Other Appropriate OSHA/ANSI¬† Requirements

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