Workplace Safety Orientation

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Workplace Safety Orientation

Course #: UASC-HS-093-A 2

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Course Description:

This two-hour course will provide an awareness level orientation of basic industrial safety fundamentals. It was designed to provide an overview of some of the basic concepts and techniques used in modern industry to protect workers. It also describes the purpose of the following safety programs: Hazard Communication; Blood borne Pathogen Safety; Lockout/Tagout; Confined Space Entry; Emergency Response; Respiratory Protection; Personal Protective Equipment; Hearing Conservation. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements.

Course Topics:

  • Good housekeeping
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Prevent back injuries
  • Reporting injuries
  • Purpose of OSHA
  • Safe work practices

Who Should Attend:

All new employees

Regulatory Requirements:

Various OSHA Regulations


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Massachusetts, Rhode Island

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