General Industry

United Alliance Services is committed to safety in the workplace. Through our health and safety programs, training and consulting services, we make safer work environments and practices simple to achieve and maintain.

Our comprehensive regulatory navigation and compliance assistance helps ensure a safe, productive and profitable work environment for a wide range of industries. Our safety professionals work with you in the field and office, providing services, training, and on-site consultation, making safety simpler for you and your employees.

Manufacturing Safety Services

Our manufacturing safety services team works with industrial facilities and manufacturing operations to provide the most contemporary safety services in the market today. Our manufacturing safety service team provides services in the areas of:

  • Ergonomics
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Facility Safety Audits
  • Incident Investigation
  • Training

We will deliver the customized, flexible, safety services you need to protect your employees, reduce losses and insurance costs, ensure compliance with federal and state worker safety rules, and protect your hard-earned reputation.

We have a diverse staff of manufacturing safety consultants that bring extensive experience to every situation; addressing your unique needs. United Alliance Services has proven itself to be a safety advising resource that is large enough to ensure full-time coverage for clients of all sizes.

If a company has recently had a major incident, United Alliance Services can investigate the incident and identify the root cause, as well as provide the necessary training to prevent future incidents.

Additionally, we can conduct safety perception surveys in which workers provide anonymous feedback to identify areas of concern, or help our clients develop their own written safety standards, policies, procedures and training programs based on regulatory requirements.

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Facility Safety Audits and Inspections

A safety audit is a tool that can be utilized to improve safety and attitudes in the workplace. A safety audit is an inventory or checklist of items specifically geared to your operation. It allows you to take action, correct hazards, and determine the appropriate action(s) to take to achieve the desired safety goals. Measuring your safety performance also provides a baseline for future safety initiatives.

What is your desired data outcome?

  • Determine the effectiveness of your safety program
  • Identify compliance deficiencies
  • Suggest safety solutions
  • Improve the environment and personnel safety
  • Reduce incidents and injuries
  • Increase workplace safety pride
  • Protect your greatest asset…your employees

A safety audit is a powerful tool and is designed to inspire your team to get involved. Our professionals have years of experience conducting safety audits.

We travel to your location(s) and make comprehensive assessments of conditions and detailed reports providing management with the resources they need to make critical decisions. 

Industrial, Manufacturing, Site-Safety Representatives

Manage your risk during maintenance activities at your facility by utilizing our experienced safety professionals. Our staff manages safety on your projects by supplementing your team with additional safety support and representation. Given the complexity of construction logistics and situations that may arise, it is beneficial to give us a call rather than being overwhelmed with additional safety responsibilities.

Our team is experienced in all project-oriented environments, including outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, new facility construction, expansions, additions, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and large scale industrial and demolition projects. Owner safety staffing experience includes steel mills, power plants, chemical facilities, pharmaceutical, and automotive.

We bring our foundation of safety knowledge, programs, policies, and tools. We get your safety program up to speed quickly and train your staff in getting your facility into compliance faster than starting from scratch.

OSHA General Industry Outreach Training

As part of our extensive compliance training we offer focused certification training for all businesses through the General Industry section to include:

Contractor Prequalification Process Form Compliance
ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, PICS™, & MICCS™ Assistance

Corporations reach out to third-party prequalification providers to connect with safe dependable companies that follow government regulations before stepping foot on a job. The process of getting accepted and ensuring your compliance with *ISNetworld®, PICS™, MICCS™, or PEC Premier™ can be a difficult and time consuming task. United Alliance Services will write your company’s safety and health programs so that they are not only in compliance with OSHA’s standards but to *ISNetworld®, PICS™, MICCS™, or PEC Premier’s™ as well. We will also help your company keep up with new and updated OSHA requirements for years to come by updating your company’s safety programs. United Alliance Services’ experienced safety professionals will come on-site to assist your company with implementing the safety programs needed to become OSHA compliant.  

United Alliance Services is an independently owned company and is a leading consultant on *ISNetworld® compliance matter. Our intentions are to help your company be awarded 100% approval by a third-party prequalification provider.   United Alliance Services is not affiliated with *ISNetworld®, PEC Premeier™, MICCS™, or PICS™.

*ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.

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