Occupational Health Services

Through OccuMed Occupational Healthworks, our mission is to provide comprehensive occupational safety and health consulting and training, without the need for our clients to increase staff overhead cost. Our diverse and experienced team administers value-added health and wellness services to provide any organization an improvement in workplace culture.

The mix of staff training seminars, consulting solutions, onsite medical services, and health testing services position United Alliance as an industry leader in health & wellness services across all industries. 

By utilizing our consultants and services, your organization can operate with confidence knowing that our expertise in the areas of occupational health and safety will enable you to create measurable goals and navigate through an often changing regulatory maze.

Having an emergency responder or paramedic trained to quickly and administer first aid can be crucial. This means any potential injury can be treated immediately, while avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits, or further injury due to unqualified individuals. OccuMed’s protocols are designed in accordance with OSHA guidelines, state and federal regulations, and evidence-based practice to guide the caregiver through the first aid process.

Meeting contractual or insurance related requirements or your organization’s ability to obtain a contract can be dependent on having a labor force that doesn’t have recent positive tests. Keep your opportunities open and your workforce healthy through the number of testing services offered through OccuMed. 

OccuMed of New England’s experienced instructional staff and extensive resources gives us the ability to meet our client needs in the area of certification courses. Through proven methodologies in multiple areas of expertise, we can help ensure your workforce is certified and advancing their skill sets. Courses are offered online, in-person as a group or through our open enrollment calendar. 

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