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Controlling losses at the source remains the most effective way to contain insurance costs. United Alliance Services provide risk and loss control consultation for the insurance industry. Our loss control consulting services help organizations understand and minimizes the cost of risk. It helps them determine the best methods for minimizing the cost of insurance, avoiding/controlling the cost of accidents and injuries, and minimizing the lost productivity that accidents cause. This proactive approach helps organizations in many ways, particularly bottom line!

United Alliance Services possesses in-house loss control capabilities to both coordinate carrier and broker services and perform them. Our role assists in establishing a working partnership with our clients, their insurance broker, and the insurance carrier and develop an established method of monitoring and meauring loss control.  We view this as a cooperative process involving the carrier’s loss control department, the organization’s management, and the United Alliance Services team. Each plan is tailored specifically to the clients’ needs, including:

Coordinating Carrier Loss Control Services

Developing specific servicing instructions to be followed by the insurance carrier’s loss control personnel. The instructions highlight loss control objectives and outline the activities that the carrier is expected to complete a timeline. This process allows for a smooth and well coordinated effort between the client, carrier, and broker to maximize effectiveness.

Risk Management Program Review

United Alliance Services reviews risk management programs to identify loss control and claims programs and procedures that need to be strengthened or expanded. We believe the final program(s) must provide each client location with a single source of information and establish minimum expected guidelines for accident prevention, claims reporting, and accident cost control. We also create safety/risk management manuals for organizations that don’t have them in place.

Risk Management Program Auditing

United Alliance Services develops procedures and processes for ensuring compliance under the client’s Risk Management requirements. Key elements of an audit may include:

  • Safety Organization and Activities
  • Claims Management & Modified Duty Utilization
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • OSHA Required Programs
  • Employee Selection and Training
  • Self Inspection, Hazard Identification and Control
  • Scheduled Location/department Service

    Working with the client, United Alliance Services targets an established number of loss control visits per year to company locations and/or departments that have historically shown major loss producers with the goal of reducing losses.

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