Public Sector & Government Agencies

Through a proactive Health and Safety Program, government employers can reduce accidents and lower their costs. We provide our government clients with full-service health and safety consultative and training services. We are able to provide regular facility or agency inspections with written reports to management, accident investigations, liaise with government officials, such as the Department of Labor, facilitate Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings, and perform work-well assessments and many other services.

Health & Safety Services Available to Government Agencies

  • Development of Policies, Procedures and Programs
  • Perform regular workplace inspections with written reports
  • Facilitate Joint Health and Safety Committee Meetings
  • Perform Accident Investigations
  • Perform Job Hazard Analysis
  • Perform Training Needs Analysis
  • Assist with Work-Well Audit Preparation
  • First Aid Kit compliance
  • Liaise with Government Agencies
  • Provide Health and Safety Training specific to the client’s needs
  • Perform Legislative Compliance Audits

United Alliance Services assists government agencies in identifying workplace safety hazards and ensuring that employers are in compliance with government worker safety regulations. Our consultants assist and plan a safe and healthy environment for workers.  We identify hazardous materials or systems that may cause illness or injury, assess safety risks associated with machinery, investigate accidents, and assess the likelihood of lawsuits resulting from safety code violations. For example, a government agency may seek the advice of United Alliance Services safety consultants on how to build equipment and/or the design of the building layout in order to increase workplace safety and reduce human error. Our consultants specialize in a various types of hazardous material handling within a particular industry, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or food processing. As with all industries all government agencies, safety engineering, technical assistance, and on-going assessment is a vital part of an employer’s obligation to compliance.

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