Did You Know OSHA Has Over 200 Safety and Health Training Requirements?

OSHA has over two hundred (200) safety and health training requirementswww.osha.gov.  OSHA Publication #2254 www.osha.gov/Publications/osha2254.pdf outlines these requirements that applies to industry, service, manufacturing, retail and construction activities. United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC) training staffs are recognized as the top trainers in the field of regulatory compliance with many years of practical experience implementing the OSHA training requirements. In both construction and industrial applications, our trainers have significant backgrounds in environmental and occupational safety and health. Each trainer is the most qualified in their particular field and UASC schedules only the best trainer for the subject matter. Covering a wide variety of subjects, UASC can provide the safety and health training at our client’s facility/location or at our training location.

UASC www.uascor.com unique style of adult learning combines interactive participatory lecture with hands-on practical demonstration of the learned topic. The student gains the information needed for the task, then applies it in a hands-on situation to show they have gained the practical knowledge to understand the principle of the task.

UASC also has many trainers who are authorized by OSHA and the OSHA Training Institute as General Industry, Maritime and Construction Outreach trainers. The trainers have the authorization to present either the 10 or 30 hour Outreach programs. The Outreach programs www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/construction_generalindustry/index.html  are intended as voluntary compliance to learn more about the Agency and several topical safety and health hazards. Our clients may utilize these general awareness programs to initiate their safety and health compliance programs and training.