Safety Services

Our safety services cover the full scope of needs that an organization would require, and our recruiting and training strategies give our personnel additional knowledge that improves upon their existing experience in occupational health and safety.

With our scope of capabilities, our clients have access to program development solutions which incorporate the latest business practices, standards, and regulations to keep their employees safe and their business operational; knowledgeable safety staffing on a part- or full-time basis; and consulting services that bring your operations up to and beyond your industry standards, no matter the industry. 

No matter the location, United Alliance Services offers leading safety training solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Using digital reference photography, videos, hands-on materials and PowerPoint in our training programs we ensure that your staff and managers leave with the knowledge that safety is a top priority and have a thorough understanding of the material presented to them.  

By utilizing our experienced safety staffing specialists for long-term or one off projects, clients are freed from the challenge of finding and hiring safety specialists as a temporary solution, and can count on our OSHA certified team to always be available for the next project. Whether you’re facing a part-time staffing necessity or require a full-time safety staffing solution, there is an OSHA certified pro from United Alliance ready to join your team.

Our qualified consultants have a background across numerous environments (construction, maritime, manufacturing, etc.), and can leverage that knowledge and experience to develop safety plans or consult your team on OSHA Environmental Health & Safety requirements, Employee Construction Safety & Wellness, and more.

The United Safety Professionals Annual Safety & Compliance Consulting Programs are tailor made for your business operational needs. No matter the size, a fully customizable bundle can be implemented which covers site auditing, program development, training, and more.