Falls Still the Most Deadly Hazard for Construction Workers

In 2016, falls were responsible for 384 of 991 total deaths in the construction industry.  Fall hazards are the most fatal of the “Fatal Four” hazards which include struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught-in-between.

OSHA states that “eliminating the fatal four would save 631 workers’ lives in America every year.”

Fall protection training is essential to reducing fall hazards on the job. There are several different levels of fall protection training available.

The 4 Hour Fall Protection course is recommended for those workers who spend some time working at heights and using personal fall arrest systems.  The 8 hour competent person is recommended for those who have responsibility for safety oversight for workers who are working at height.

Our most popular course is the 24-Hour Competent Person Fall Protection Training EM 385 1-1. It has the benefit of being a highly comprehensive course on fall hazards in construction, prevention, and personal fall arrest systems, but also is compliant with the US Army Corps of Engineers’ EM 385 1-1 safety manual. This course is required for those who will be working on USACE construction projects.

Watch the video to learn more about what topics are covered in the 24-Hour Competent Person Fall Protection Training EM 385 1-1 course.

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