Free OSHA Presentation On Silica Exposure In The Workplace

by Meg Whynot-Young


In anticipation of the upcoming deadlines for compliance and those that have already passed, and in an effort to reduce worker exposure to damaging respirable silica, OSHA has begun educational outreach on the topic.

Each industry has a different compliance schedule.

Construction:  OSHA has begun enforcing most provisions for the construction industry since September 23, 2017.

General Industry & Maritime: Enforcement of the new silica standard provisions will begin on June 23, 2018, for maritime and general industry.  

OSHA’s free webinar will be available to view from March 5-9, ahead of the maritime and general industry deadline, and just in time for the big season for construction in the Northeast.

The OSHA webinar will provide some background on the silica update, talk briefly about compliance in construction and general industry and best practices.

The intent of the webinar is to provide you with a good starting point in understanding the dangers of respirable silica and an overview of compliance for construction and general industry.

If you would like to go more in-depth in learning how to apply the new provisions in your workplace, United Alliance Services provides a Silica Awareness Update course that can be tailored to your company’s operations and industry requirements and can focus on areas and tasks that present a specific risk to your workers.

Generally, topics for United Alliance Services’ Silica Awareness Update course include:

Introduction to related OSHA standards
Background, history, and use of silica
Health effects
Identifying worker populations who are at risk of silica exposure
Identify the tasks that create a silica exposure
Methods to control exposure
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Written exposure control plan


The United Alliance Services’ Silica Update Awareness course will teach participants to recognize the health effects of exposure, introduce them to various ways to reduce exposure, and select the best personal protective equipment.  

In order to make the most of this two-hour course, we will work with you to understand what the specific needs of your organization are and what your current level of compliance is. If you would like to cover a topic that is not covered in the list above, please let us know. We can accommodate most requests for customization.

If you would like to schedule a Silica Awareness Update course for your group, please call the United Alliance Services’ office and speak with one of our helpful training coordinators who can help you with scheduling and pricing. (774) 302- 4305.

In conjunction with the Silica Awareness Update course, you may want to schedule a Respiratory Protection Awareness course and Fit Testing. Fit testing for respirators is required by OSHA annually. United Alliance Services provides onsite fit testing as well as medical evaluation clearances through an online application that offers an immediate result and clearance certificate that should be kept on file for the year. The medical clearance is required to be completed before the fit testing can be conducted. The medical evaluation questionnaire (MEQ) is completed online in a matter of minutes.

Give us a call if you would like to schedule either (or both) of the Silica Awareness Update Course, or the Respiratory Protection Awareness and Fit Test.  (774) 302-4305