Gone Too Soon: Another Worker Fatality in Massachusetts

Scott Frey, 37, of Wareham, MA, was killed Monday, October 31 while signaling to the operator of a tractor-trailer who was backing into a loading dock at his workplace, Hi-Way Safety Systems.

While the accident remains under investigation by Massachusetts and Plymouth County authorities as well as OSHA, it appears that as Frey was signaling, he lost his footing on the loading dock platform ramp and fell, getting caught in between the tractor-trailer and the loading dock. He suffered severe head trauma and despite life-saving efforts on the scene, he was pronounced dead at South Shore Hospital.

Frey is survived by his wife, Kristen, and sons, Scott and Kyle. His family, friends and the Wareham community is deeply saddened by his loss, remembering Frey as someone who would be the first to offer help to someone in need. Rallying to support his family, friends have started a gofundme campaign to help with funeral and other expenses resulting from his death. If you would like to donate please visit their campaign page.

Hi-Way Safety Systems is a roadway safety company, based in Massachusetts, which installs pavement markings, street signage and traffic control.

As details become clear through the investigation we might discover what, if anything, could have been done to prevent this accident. Regardless of any findings though, it is too late for the Frey family. This is a sobering lesson to not overlook the hazards of any job. While we can become accustomed to routine tasks, it is important to be alert and aware of potential hazards. Statistics from OSHA.gov show that 4,821 people were killed on the job in 2014. That’s more than 13 people a day.

Our thoughts are with the Frey family, their friends, and Frey’s co-workers at Hi-Way Safety Systems, during their time of grief.

Please join us in our efforts to make every workplace safer, so that workers can get home to their families at the end of the day.

“On this day, we mourn not just for the lost lives and the damaged bodies, but also for the opportunity that is lost, the American dreams that are extinguished. We mourn not only for those we’ve lost, but for those left behind. And we recognize the burden that workplace injuries and illnesses place on workers, their families, and society as a whole,” words from U.S. Secretary of Labor, Dr. David Michaels at the Worker’s Memorial Day Address, April 28, 2015.