MA, RI, CT and NY Annual Safety Consulting Package for Less than $20.00/Day

by Marc Bianco

At United Alliance Services we strive to assist our clients in every way when it comes to occupational health and safety (OHS) in the workplace. Our business development team works with each client to design a customized consulting package to meet your specific need in the development of health and safety policies and procedures, occupational health and safety training needs, facility or job safety inspection and the implementation of your organizations safety management systems.

Our Professional Safety Consulting Packages start at less than $20.00/day and include:

Professional OHS Advisors and Technicians
Customized Safety Training Courses
Training Grant Application Assistance
OSHA Compliance Assistance
ISNetworld Compliance Assistance
Safety Programs Development and Update
OHS Management Systems Implementation
Safety Meetings and Safety Committees
Safety Training Matrix and Documentation Management

Some of the services included in our annual safety compliance packages include:

Equipment Inspection:

We will formally inspect all company safety equipment on a yearly basis to ensure that equipment is in compliance with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. All inspections will be fully documented and all documentation will be maintained in hard copy and electronic form.
We will generate pre- and post-use informal inspection documents that will be filled out by the company employees when using any safety equipment.
We will provide facility inspections for the following: hoist, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eyewash and shower, emergency lights, stairs and rails, and smoke detectors.

Site Inspections:

We will conduct site inspections on the days that safety briefings are conducted. All site inspections will be documented.
United Alliances safety inspectors if granted by the client will be given and use “Stop Work” authority.

Safety Briefings and Toolbox Talks:

We will conduct weekly, biweekly or monthly safety orientation briefings for new employees. The briefings will be dynamic and proactive.
The briefings will last no longer than 20 – 30 minutes and be documented in a Job Safety Analysis and a copy distributed to each work team.
Whenever possible, the briefings will include practical applications of the safety subjects taught and will relate to specific jobs being performed during that shift.
Documentation will be created on all employees attending the briefing, the subject matter, and methods of training used.
A review will commence weekly of the daily “Tool Box Talks” and JSA’s being executed by supervisors. The supervisor will be required to fill out a Daily Safety Meeting form describing the content and interaction of the meeting.
Per the client’s request, we can institute a behavior based safety incentive program for employees and contract workers. This behavior based safety incentive program will consist of creative and hands on methods of generating engaging safety inspections that will have a lasting impression on participants.
Safety briefings can be brought to the client’s site in the form of toolbox safety meeting and conducted on weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.


We can assist clients in meeting the requirements of ISNetworld. Our staff is well versed and experienced with ISN 10.0 and the requirements of the Owner Clients.
United Alliance Services can assist our clients in complying with their various Owner Clients’ ISNetworld requirements. We will assist in the MSQ, RAVs, yearly updates, uploading insurance documentation, monitor operator grades and help close any gaps identified by ISNetworld.

OSHA Mock Audits and Inspections:

We will make constant observations and report any safety deficiencies. In the event a client is subjected to an OSHA audit and inspection, United Alliance Services will work to correct any deficiencies that may arise.

Safety Training:

We will provide occupational health and safety training to company employees based on the company’s task list. These tasks can be formatted into a computerized training matrix and also uploaded into ISNetworld.
All company new hires, employees, and contract workers will be trained to the OSHA Competent Person level in any specialty tasks (confined space, fall protection, etc.) that they perform.
Classes will emphasize that personal safety is a personal responsibility.
Classes will consist of 25% to 50% classroom instruction and 50% to 75% practical exercises.
United Alliance Services instructors are OSHA authorized outreach instructors or certified by a 3rd party as instructors and in the subject that they are teaching.

Training Grant Application Assistance:

We have a relationship with Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) and the New York Department of Workforce Development as well as out outlets for training grant assistance. We will work with our clients to fill the for training grants and assist with the implementation and delivery of these training programs.

Incident Response:

We will provide a qualified incident investigator within the client required time frame to assist in the reporting and evaluation of all of an OSHA reportable incident. Our consultants will investigate and document the incident with the intention of finding the causes of the incident to reduce the possibility of future incidents and to prepare for any official investigation that might occur. The investigation will be fully documented.

Random Safety Inspections:

Upon request of our client we will conduct random site inspections. Random inspections will ensure that company employees are not just conducting safe work practices on specific days.
All random inspections will be conducted by one of our three employees who have extensive experience in safety and leadership. Their backgrounds give them the ability to take positive corrective actions when necessary. The use of three different inspectors on the site will ensure that while these inspectors will be familiar with the client’s work site, they will be able to provide different perspectives.


All of the above activities will be fully documented by United Alliance Services. The original documents will be provided to the client to be kept on the worksite and retained by United Alliance for 5 years following the completion of all auditing and training activities.
We will audit the company’s safety program semi-annually to ensure that it stays compliant with all current and new OSHA regulations.

To find more about our annual safety compliance packages available throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York please contact one of our OSHA compliance specialist at or call us directly at 877-399-1698.