MA, RI, CT, NY Construction & Industrial Safety Management Outsourcing

United Alliance Services Corporation offers our clients experienced, highly educated, seasoned safety professionals for your long term or short term construction and industrial assignments. We take pride in knowing that our safety managers and supervisors meet the highest levels of competence along with meeting and maintaining OSHA qualifications. At United Alliance our account associates ensure that our client’s needs, whether for an industrial safety manager, a construction safety manager, construction safety supervisor, construction safety coordinator or construction safety representative are met by assigning the most qualified and professional staff with industry credentials and certifications. Our safety staff has essential training capacity and hands-on practical experience to make sure that all of your safety needs are covered. It is through the commitment of corporate leadership, a qualified staff, and an attention to detail that ensures our clients confidence in hiring safety professionals from United Alliance Services.  Our clients recognize our capabilities through the increase in employee safety awareness.  This comes from instruction that is informative, tailored to their day-to-day tasks, and delivered in such an engaging way that it becomes a positive habit they take with them beyond the workplace.

“One of greatest benefits of safety outsourcing is that the burden of responsibility for workplace safety compliance rests on United Alliance Services.  You gain the benefit of a temporary employee who will create a complete compliance and training program for your company or facility, manage a short term construction project, and you will not have to provide any additional employee benefits. Our professionals will also assist your corporate safety manager in meeting all Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) guidelines. This solution to your needs provides a cost effective human resource tool, a reduction in employee incidents, more productivity, and increased profits as a result”, Valerie Wakefield, President/ CEO.

United Alliance safety professionals exceed your expectations:  

Our safety professionals average 18 years of industry experience.  They have exceptional industry credentials and are continually upgrading their occupational health and safety education. At minimum, each of our construction safety professionals are qualified in:  First Aid/CPR/AED; OSHA 30 Certified and/or OSHA 500/501; Confined Spaces; Hazwoper; Trench and Excavation; and Rigging Certified.

The capabilities of a United Alliance construction safety manager, construction safety supervisor, construction safety coordinator or a construction safety representative exceed industry standards. It’s a requirement we demand from all of our staff.  From permit writing to safety management to a personalized health and safety plan (HASP), we know that our safety construction safety professionals are ready to handle any safety-related task at your organization.

“The bonus benefit of outsourcing to United Alliance Services is that you will have access to our entire team of safety professionals; this offers so many more advantages than hiring a single safety consultant. Whether you are utilizing our construction safety services, safety training services, or industrial safety service, you will see a return on your investment through cost savings, staffing flexibility and safety regulation compliance” Valerie Wakefield, President/ CEO.

To learn more about United Alliance Services and our construction safety outsourcing programs, along with other products and services, please contact us by email, or phone us toll free at: 877-399-1698.