Manage OSHA Regulations With A Safety Consultant

Still uncertain how a third party safety consultant can help your company? Beyond creating a safer more efficient work environment for your employees, our team allows your organization to avoid hefty fines associated with safety violations. By bringing on our highly trained and certified safety consultants will analyze the risk and dangers of a work zone to catch any mistakes before it’s too late and injuries, or worse, occur.

Thanks to decades of combined knowledge and experience, our consultants know exactly what to look for and how to address situations before they become dangerous for your employees. Once noticing these hazards we’re able to inform employers and workers and make corrections to reduce risk. Companies that wait until after a safety inspection to take action are already too late. To mitigate a job site’s risk, companies need to get ahead of their mistakes and allow us to create a safety plan with professional supervision. It’s not uncommon to make an error or have a small violation, but it is necessary to catch the problem before it turns into a bigger problem, or OSHA issues you a fine.

Within March 2021, our onsite safety staffers made over 2,500 safety observations where they identified and recorded potentially hazardous conditions of varying severity. Any one of those can lead to workplace accident and an increased insurance rate or fines from OSHA. If caught in violation, and based on severity, OSHA has issued fines exceeding $100,000. Depending on if the violation was willful or a repeat offense, the fines issued could double from their original number, and continue higher. Is that a fine you can afford? Will your company be able to recover from fines that large?

Even greater than the bottom line effect a fine can have is the impact on a company’s reputation that develops after violating OSHA regulations. Companies that neglect their employee’s safety and don’t take action to create a safe work environment find it hard to win job bids. I’ve dealt with clients who have commented that past incidents have cost them opportunities to bid on future work, resulting in millions of dollars lost.

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