New England’s Premier Provider of Construction Safety Staffing Services in MA, RI, CT and NY

Whether you need temporary support or have a long term need, you can rely on United Alliances Construction Safety Services Division to provide you with the site safety managers, supervisors and consultants you can depend on. We pride ourselves on controlling project costs, only providing our clients with the highest level of construction safety expertise with flexibility and dependable consulting services that will reduce the risk for your corporate operations.

United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division provides high quality, professional and cost effective health and safety services to construction clients; adding value to our client’s organization and protecting their greatest assets – their employees. United Alliance understands the diverse challenges that project development and construction can create. Managing varying work environments and monitoring the constantly changing regulations takes time and effort. We provide the experience, knowledge, and dedication required to protect your assets and meet your needs. As the Northeast premier provider of construction safety services, we have offices with locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Delaware.  Our coverage areas ensure consistent and efficient construction safety solutions as well as risk management services in all areas of project development and construction. Some of the services United Alliance Construction Safety Services Division provides to our clients include;

Owner/Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP/CCIP)
On-Site Part-Time and Full-Time Safety Staffing
Construction Safety Management Services
Construction Auditing & Risk Assessment Services
On-Site Construction Safety Training / OSHA 10/30 Hour Outreach

Our Construction Safety Services Division is comprised of degreed and credentialed health and safety professionals with hands-on experience in all aspects of construction safety management, including loss control, claims management, training, and OSHA defense. Each of our consultants is highly experienced in on-site safety management of large-scale construction, hospital renovation, and industrial retrofit and demolition projects. United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division has developed, implemented and managed corporate safety programs and policies and procedures that impact the overall safety performance for our valued clients. Additionally, we have aided in the development and management of owner controlled insurance programs, including OCIP and CCIP projects. United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division professionals have also developed and implemented job-specific safety plans and job-site hazard analysis for critical construction activities for pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, and generating stations.

Construction Safety Programs Include

Construction Safety Management Services and Staffing:

United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division can assist your organization in all aspects of safety management and has a staff of degreed professionals that stay up-to-date with current OSHA and insurance regulations.

Construction Project Safety Program Assessment:

Our construction project assessments provide a baseline for how your company’s safety program is being managed. Each assessment is customized to meet individual client needs. Upon completion of the assessment, United Alliance will provide a full summary and suggest practices to improve your organization’s safety program and culture.

Construction Site Safety Inspections and Audits:

Construction Safety audits are a necessity in any safety program. Not only do audits provide assistance in maintaining compliance with OSHA and other regulations, but they also help provide insight to the level at which the organization’s safety program is being executed.

On-Site Construction Safety Management and Staffing:

Many construction projects today require part-time or full-time safety representatives. United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division can provide safety staffing to include temporary position assignments or full time positions.

On-Site Construction Safety Training:

United Alliance’s Construction Safety Services Division provides numerous training courses; from general safety classes, such as the OSHA 10-Hour or 30-Hour Outreach programs, to more specific competent person training in areas such as fall protection, electrical, scaffolding, steel erection, excavations and many more.

Corporate Safety Management Services:

Many construction organizations have the necessity for a corporate safety representative but are currently not large enough or in the position to hire one full-time safety representative. United Alliance can provide a corporate safety representative to perform administrative tasks and training and auditing for your construction organization to meet its current needs. As your organization grows, our safety representative can grow with you.

Sub-contractor and Vendor Pre-qualifications:

Construction Owners and Contractors alike have seen the benefits of screening contractors, sub-contractors and vendors based upon safety performance. A good pre-qualification process will assist in verifying that contractors and vendors are following recognized safety standards. Let United Alliance support your company in this process so you don’t expose your organization to any unnecessary risks or additional liabilities by hiring the wrong company.

Why contract your construction safety needs with United Alliance services?

No recruiting/interviewing process. We understand the safety industry and will provide the safety professional with the background and expertise to meet your project needs.
No unemployment and payroll taxes to deal with.
No cost of workers compensation to you.
United Alliance provides all employee benefits.
Reduced risk and liability. United Alliance Safety Professionals are covered with $2,000,000 (two million dollars) of professional liability insurance.
No downtime. Should one of our consultants get sick or become unavailable we have the ability to quickly provide a replacement.
No additional training cost.  We will provide the safety professional with the credentials and expertise to meet those requirements.
A strategic WBE partner to meet your diversification needs.


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