New Massachusetts Hoisting License Exam Prep. Course

By Meg Whynot-Young

Due to recent increases in hoisting operations inspections we have received a large increase in calls regarding hoisting operator training. We have designed the OSHA Overhead Crane Operator and Massachusetts 3A License Prep Course specifically to meet the demands of overhead crane operators in Massachusetts who are preparing to take their hoisting license exam with the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The class 3 license covers electric and air powered hoisting equipment.

This course covers overhead crane and hoist operations, inspections, rigging, owners’ responsibility and operators’ responsibility. It is specifically designed to prepare the attendee to pass the Massachusetts 3A Hoisting Engineer License exam. Participants learn safe operating procedures and daily inspections which form a consistent approach to crane safety. The training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of experienced operators, trainees, safety personnel, inspectors, maintenance personnel, managers and supervisors.

The information provided in this 6-hour program includes classroom training reinforced with hands-on and practical application on the use of the host facilities overhead crane(s). All personnel attending this program will gain significant and useful skills and will leave with a stronger understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of Overhead Crane Operators.

The program instruction will also include safe operating practices, proper load handling,basic rigging, pre-use inspection and accident avoidance. The instructor places emphasis on informing the operator(s) on the interaction of overhead crane components which makes an operator better able to provide early detection of unsafe conditions.


• Size and characteristics of cranes

• Operational modes

• Major operational components

• Emergency shutdown procedures

• Verify runway power disconnect

• Lockout/tag-out requirements

• Inspect visual and audible hazards

• Control labeling and conditioning

• Pendant control strain relief

• Warning and capacity labeling

• Wire rope or chain condition

• Requirements for guards

• Emergency stop function

• Bumper and stop requirements

• Limit devices and control functions

Note 1: Specifications for the overhead crane(s) being used during the training program need to be sent to United Alliance 10 days prior to the scheduling of training;

Note 2: Participants will be assisted with processing application documentation and preparation for the 3A hydraulics license exam in Massachusetts;

Note 3: Participants will receive a certificate of completion for OSHA Overhead Crane Certification Training and MA 3A prep course documentation

Who Should Attend:

Personnel who require a thorough knowledge of the operation and inspection of overhead crane

systems and hoists.

Regulatory Requirements:

• Load control and operation safety

• Brake test procedure

• Load block, hook and latch

• How to determine load weight

• How to avoid side pulling

• How to check hoist brakes

• Load path and personnel safety

• Activation of warning alarm

• Operation of hoist, bridge, and trolley

• How to avoid shock loading

• Floor capacity for load placement

• Reporting deficiencies

• Regulations for operators

• Crane manufacturer’s instructions

• Functions and limitations of cranes

This training meets the requirements mandated in OSHA Overhead and gantry cranes

29CFR1910.179(b)(8), ASME B30.16 and OSH act of 1970 General Duty Clause 5(a)(1).