New Traffic Signals in Massachusetts

Have you begun to see a flashing yellow arrow at Massachusetts area traffic intersections? What is it for? What do I do? This improvement is in response to the many crashes from left turning vehicles. Because the turning vehicle is broadside to traffic, these crashes can be very severe. Roadways often will have a left turning lane and a green arrow to let drivers know when it is safe to turn left. This works well most of the time. However, when the green arrow disappears, and may then drivers see a full green light. Drivers going straight are unaffected, but drivers who want to turn left, may not have noticed that they now need to yield to oncoming traffic. For this reason, Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Highway Division has begun installing signs to remind drivers to yield. This sign is a start, but accidents in these intersections are still occurring so more was needed. Mass DOT’s Highway Division is now adding a flashing yellow arrow to indicate to drivers that they need to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, before proceeding with caution. The Steady Yellow arrow remains the same as a warning that the light will soon turn red. For more information on the flashing yellow road sign, go to Have you begun to see these flashing yellow arrows at intersections? Do you have concerns that your drivers need safety training in this or in another area? United Alliance Services Corp can support your safety efforts. Find us at or call the office at 877-399-1698.