OSHA 30-hour Maritime Outreach Training Programs Throughout Northeast


The OSHA 30-hour Outreach training programs are intended to provide a variety of important maritime safety training to people with some level of safety responsibility such as supervisors and safety officers.

There are three different types of OSHA 30-hour Maritime Outreach training programs:

7635 – Shipyard Employment, including ship repairing, shipbuilding, shipbreaking;

7637 – Marine Terminals;

7638 – Longshoring.

The curriculum for each program has been specifically tailored to cover OSHA regulations, as well as important safety topics that are industry-specific, as per OSHA guidance. This is a voluntary program and does not meet training requirements for any OSHA standards.

Detailed below are the topics that are covered in each of the three OSHA 30-hour Maritime Outreach courses, as per OSHA.gov.

MANDATORY TOPICS – at least 8 hours total

Introduction to OSHA – (minimum 2 hours)

OSH Act, General Duty Clause, Recordkeeping basics
Employer and Employee Rights and Responsibilities, Whistleblower Rights
CFR Part 1903; Inspections, Citations, and Penalties; Value of Safety and Health
OSHA Website; OSHA 800 number and available resources

Managing Safety & Health (minimum 2 hours)
Walking & Working Surfaces-(minimum 2 hours); 1915 Subpart E, 1917 Subpart F, 1918 Subpart C & D
Personal Protective Equipment –(minimum 2 hours); 1915 Subpart I, 1917 Subpart E, 1918 Subpart J

MANDATORY TOPICS (applies to #7635 only) – at least 8 hours total

Fall Protection / Scaffolding – (minimum 2 hours), 1915 Subpart E
Electrical – (minimum 2 hours) ; 1915 Subpart L, 1910 Subpart S
Confined and Enclosed Spaces – (minimum 2 hours); 1915 Subpart B
Fire Protection – (minimum 2 hours); 1915 Subpart P

ELECTIVE TOPICS (#7653- 2 hours, #7637 & #7638– 8 hours)

Hazard Communications / Hazardous Materials – 1915.1200 Subpart Z, 1917 Subpart B, 1918 Subpart I
Lockout / Tagout – 1915 Subpart L, 1917.48, 1917.49, 1917.151
Respiratory Protection – 1910.134

OPTIONAL TOPICS – (#7635- 12 hours, #7637 & 7638 – 14 hours) Minimum length of any topic is one-half hour.

Hot Work- Welding, Burning & Cutting
Material Handling
Bloodborne Pathogens (Exposure plan, Universal precautions, Spills & Decontamination)
Machine Guarding
Ergonomics and Proper Lifting Techniques (repetitive motion and muscle strains)
Addition Coverage on mandatory or elective topics or on any other Maritime industry standards or policies.

United Alliance Services is one of the few providers of OSHA 30-hour Maritime outreach training in the Northeast. Our staff includes three graduates from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and collectively they bring more than thirty years’ of maritime industry experience to the classroom. 

United Alliance Services will be hosting OSHA 30-hour Maritime outreach training classes in spring 2015. Please call to register, or for more details. (877) 399-1698