OSHA Disaster Site Worker 7600 Training in New York

United Alliance Services offers the OSHA Disaster Site Worker 7600 training to our service areas in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

What is OSHA Disaster Site Worker 7600 Training?

The purpose of the OSHA Disaster Site Worker 7600 training is to prepare disaster site workers to work safely in an unstable environment. Disaster site workers provide skilled support services in a disaster area, such as debris removal, demolition, and heavy equipment operation among other work. The course will identify and promote awareness of the differences between normal construction and demolition areas and disaster areas. Disaster areas pose different hazards, particularly respiratory hazards. Students who complete the course will be taught to the proper way to inspect and use air-purifying respirators, and decontamination procedures. Also, this program will stress the importance of pre-incident training and coordination.

What topics are covered?

Incident command system/unified command systems
Safety hazards
Health hazards
CBRNE agents
Traumatic incident stress awareness
Respiratory protection
Final exercise

Who should attend?

Disaster Site Workers who provide skilled support services or site clean-up services in response to natural and man-made disasters.

How long is the course?

The OSHA Disaster Site Worker 7600 training is a 15-hour course. We can tailor the schedule to fit your organization’s needs.  Students will receive an OSHA course certification card upon completion.

How can we schedule the course?

Please call us at (877) 399-1698 to schedule the course for your employees. Or you may request a quote online.


photo credit Daquella Manera Everystock Photo