OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance for MA, RI, CT and NY Employers

“I have seen it too many times over the years; clients pay fines for violations that could have been avoided altogether. I don’t recommend you wait for OSHA to show up to see if you’re in compliance. I recommend a more proactive approach.  Scheduling a “mock” OSHA inspection with one of our occupational health and safety consultants is definitely proactive and much more cost effective,” Valerie Wakefield, President/CEO  

With a decade or more of workplace safety experience behind United Alliance Services Corporation we know how to prepare our clients with a proactive approach for those surprise, disconcerting OSHA inspections! We get calls all the time from frantic clients as soon as the OSHA inspector leaves their facility. “Can you help us please?  We just had an OSHA inspector here and he left us with a notice regarding a violation that we never even knew existed and we only have a short time in which to respond?”  Sound familiar?  Don’t panic!  We know how to read through the rhetoric.  We begin by determining which OSHA standard(s) they state was violated and which standard applies to their company. From there we determine corrective action.  Sometimes it’s simple documentation and most times employee safety training is needed.  Whatever corrective action is needed, our company will provide quality advice, expert training, and even advocate for the company.

The best course of action is being prepared for the unexpected visit from OSHA. We have several programs at United Alliance that will ensure your company is in compliance with regulatory requirements.  Let us do our job to keep or get you in compliance so that you can focus on company goals and profits. Take a quick look HERE and see how a small investment in proactive safety preparation can save you thousands of dollars in potential fines.

If your company has already been inspected, then you know you only have 15 days to respond.  Don’t wait to call United Alliance for help! The citations become final when you don’t respond in a timely manner.  That means the employer must pay the defined penalty, comply with OSHA’s demands, and be under a very watchful eye of OSHA inspectors. Even if the violations are not directly the employer’s fault, they can still be fined, please see OSHA multi-employer worksite for more information.

United Alliance consultants have been consistently successful in assisting clients during informal conferences. It is our mission to assist you so that you can achieve a significant reduction in the fine or completely eliminate it. OSHA officials have been known to grant companies that are in “good standing” a 20% reduction in the fine if they can show they have hired a safety provider to provide compliance assistance. Once an informal conference has concluded, our consultants work hand-in-hand with your company to get the case completely closed, and most importantly, provide the company with solid safety compliance.

Please contact us for more information. OSHA fines can be costly!