United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC) offers  assistance with OSHA compliance, as well as other regulatory agencies, and insurance brokers or carriers, for companies in our primary service area.

Following our half-hour complimentary administrative audit your company will gain highly valuable professional insight into your level of compliance with OSHA regulations as well as the level of risk associated with your organization’s operations. We provide you the insight needed to develop and implement critical safety management system control tools.

Included in the Risk Assessment:

Leadership Safety Assessment

Integrated Safety Management Systems Assessment

Occupational Safety, Health & Medical Program Assessment

OSHA Record Keeping Assessment

Job Hazard Analysis Assessment

Training & Documentation Assessment

Policy & Procedure Assessment

Program Inspection Assessment

Today’s complex work environment

is challenged with managing safety performance by event and correction (reactively), rather than assessment and prevention (proactively). A proactive risk assessment of your company’s safety management systems can assist you as an employer, as well as your workforce and your contractors in achieving the desired results of an OSHA compliant workplace; while giving your management team and labor force the proper perspective needed to reduce losses while increasing productivity.

Without verification through effective risk performance assessments and programs, it is not a sure bet that your safety processes are working as they should. Significant safety performance vulnerabilities may exist that can affect disciplined operations throughout your organization.

Using the Results

We can combine next steps into a custom safety compliance package:

Requirements & Assumptions Analysis

Interface Control Analysis

Cost Analysis Assessment

Readiness Assessment Planning

Pathway & Risk Assessments

Exposure Assessments

ISO Program Compatibility (9000, 1800)

Contractor Pre-Qualification

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