Safe Projects Reduces Friction Between Contractors and the General Public

Last April, in an extremely unfortunate accident involving two subcontractors, one worker was struck and killed by another worker who was operating heavy machinery during the repair of a bridge down in Pensacola Florida according to Construction Dive.  The site was temporally shut down as multiple investigations were conducted and the General Contractor, Skanska Construction, was eventually able to resume construction after this hiatus.


Due to the delayed project finish time, local business owners and daily commuters, already fighting the economic effects of the COVID pandemic, have filed lawsuits against Skanska in hopes of regaining some of the lost profits that the bridge closing may have cost them. The bridge’s completion is now expected to be pushed back to the end of the month, long after the original deadline.


As you look back on any project that suffered delays due to an accident onsite, it’s easy to see that the use of a third party safety consulting company can help workplace safety, improve overall efficiency and, critically, see a reduction or total absence of OSHA fines and external lawsuits. Through industry knowledge and years of work to obtain proper certifications, our safety consulting team has the ability to identify potential dangerous operations or train your team to be aware of preventable accidents.


An employer always carries the responsibility of their employees’ safety. Taking an extra step to hire a safety consulting company allows employers to focus on what they do best while we provide the plans, procedures and knowledge to foster a safe working environment.


Image Credit: Construction Dive