Thought A Safety Consultant Wasn’t Right For Your Site? Think Again

Construction season has begun. The industry’s progressive exit from the pandemic and the normal order of operations has gotten the cranes back up and running and workers back on sites. With that however, whether a project is big or small, comes the natural risk and danger.

General contractors or subcontractor’s foreman, have a lot on their plate. Planning, scheduling, project execution. And to ensure the project is safe, secure, and operational, keeping up with changing local and state OSHA laws, regulations, and training requirements are a must. Here is why you should let a safety consultant lighten the load.

All employers have a responsibility to eliminate hazards and mitigate risk for their employees. Our third-party safety consulting agency provides detailed safety plans and construction safety staffing with certified professionals to ensure a safe environment over the entire lifespan of a project. Our professionals give an unbiased look at the hazards of a job site. Their impartial view of a project gives them a continuous opportunity to catch any hazards before it impacts a company. A third party safety inspection or consultant on site also helps get rid of any bias that internal safety personnel may have and can allow for a more thorough and accurate audit and analysis of workplace hazards. Occasionally internal safety personal may feel pressure from the project schedule and overlook potential hazards.

I would expect that most competent contractors would have a safety plan in place. The plan allows your employees to work swiftly and without worry. Unfortunately, due to any number of complications (typically time required or unclear responsibilities) these plans are either underdeveloped or completely missing. A third-party safety company has the capability to audit a site and develop a specialized plan for the site without any outside factors that could complicate the situation. Our consultants can develop a plan from scratch or review what was in place, identifying any holes that may have missed on the original in-house safety plan. A well run operation understands how another set of impartial eyes can allow work to proceed at maximum productivity with the least amount of worry.

Safety consultants can naturally reduce costs on overhead. Our professionals’ qualifications not only allow them to get the job done efficiently, but typically at a greater value than what is required to hire and train in-house specialists. Alternatively, having an existing employee handle safety management on a site not only reduces operation manpower, but also carries increased risk of mistakes given the lack of formal training they may not have had. These trainings are required for our staff and you can bring us on the site without breaking your bank and instantly have a highly qualified addition to your operations.

Take a look at what our experienced team can do for you.