Shipyard Safety and OSHA Requirements

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Shipyard Safety

Shipyards large and small are required to comply with OSHA regulations, unless they are public employees covered by a state plan. OSHA’s shipyard safety standards apply to any workers performing shipyard activities on shore, terminal, yard, shipyard, pier, machine shop, riverbank, etc., as well as on vessels afloat, in dry-docks, or in graving docks.

Management Commitment

Management must demonstrate a commitment to worker safety, just like any other employer covered by the 1970 OSH Act.  In order to have an effective health and safety plan, employers should establish a health and safety program that clearly defines workplace safety policies, and provide leadership that supports the safety culture. Everyone should know what their responsibilities are under the company’s health and safety plan.

Employee Input

Methods of gathering employee input will vary largely based on the size of the shipyard.  Smaller employers can gather input directly from individual employees through surveys, suggestions, and one-on-one meetings.  Larger companies and trade organizations will sometimes form safety committees where employees/members meet to discuss safety hazards and protocols.

Safety and Health Program Development

Shipyard employers should develop a health and safety program that includes hazard identification, assessment and control, accident and incident investigation, program evaluation, recordkeeping, and health and safety training.       

Safety and Health Plan Training

It falls to the employer to ensure that their employees are not only trained on the company’s health and safety plan, but also on general workplace hazards, and how to identify, assess and eliminate those hazards.

OSHA 10 Hour Maritime for Shipyard Employment (#7615)

OSHA 10 Hour Maritime for Shipyard Employment #7615 provides  safety hazard information specifically customized to shipyard workers who participate in activities that include; shipbuilding, ship repairing, and ship breaking. This is an entry-level training that provides participants with the tools to be able to identify, avoid, control and prevent common workplace hazards found in shipyard activities, not OSHA standards. This is a certification course, and participants who successfully complete the training an OSHA 10 Hour Maritime Certification. This certification is good for 5 years.   

Specific topics covered in the OSHA 10 Hour Maritime for Shipyard Employment #7615 course include;

Introduction to OSHA
Walking and working surfaces
Fall protection/Scaffolding
Confined and enclosed spaces
Hazardous materials
Personal protective equipment
Fire protection
Machine guarding
Hot work
Hazard Communication
Machine Guarding