Tool Box Talks- Chain Saw Safety

 Almost a third of all accidents in the woods involve chain saws.  Chain saw injuries, tend to be severe and even life threatening. Obey the following safety rules when operating chain saws:Always start the saw on the ground, not on your knee or in the air.When walking, make sure your finger is not on the saw trigger in case you fall or trip.When refueling, shut the motor off and let it cool before refueling.Take gasoline to and from the job using an approved safety can and wipe up any gasoline spills from the motor.When operating a chain, wear a hard hat, safety shoes, safety pants or chaps, hearing protection and safety glasses.  Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher available.Before using, inspect the chain saw to ensure that all parts are in good working condition. The most important safety factor is the knowledge and safety orientation of the operator.  A chain saw is a powerful piece of equipment; so you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s information on parts, safe operation and trouble shooting. Also, consider whether working alone is worth the extra risk.  Using a buddy system when you are operating a chain saw is a good work practice.