UASC and Pucuda-Leading Edge Provide Full Service Safety Netting Systems

United Alliance Services has long been a leader in occupational health and safety audits and inspections for the New England and Tri-State regions. Our safety consultants have years of experience on the job and provide comprehensive reports to our clients that identify and prioritize hazardous conditions. Included in our standard audit reports are recommendations for specific measures to correct hazardous conditions.

We have teamed up with Pucuda-Leading Edge to provide third-party safety inspections for their world-class custom netting systems. Pucuda-Leading Edge uses innovative design, the best quality materials and the latest technology to provide netting products for construction, industrial, amusement and sports applications. They design and install safety nets all over the country and some of their notable projects include the Oakland Bay Bridge, Empire State Building, and Kennedy Space Center.


“This strategic partnership will allow us to provide Pucuda-Leading Edge comprehensive inspection services wherever their safety netting systems are installed. And, our clients now have the ability to purchase world-class safety netting systems through us. As a growing WBE [Women’s Business Enterprise] we are very excited to see where this partnership will lead us.” Said Valerie Wakefield, CEO of United Alliance Services.

For years, Pucuda-Leading Edge and United Alliance Services have worked in parallel in the same industries and servicing the same clients. Now, teamed together, United Alliance Services and Pucuda-Leading Edge can both provide safety netting systems for their clients with support from design and installation through the lifetime of the use of the nets. Once Pucuda-Leading Edge has designed and installed the safety nets to the specifications of the clients, United Alliance Services provides highly detailed inspections of the installed nets, and is available to do so for the life of the installation.

With high quality products, experienced professional inspection services, and seamless customer service our clients will have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety netting systems.