United Alliance Services Leads Ebola Task Force for Suffolk County, NY

Charles Gilbert, Ph.D., M.S., named lead scientist for Suffolk County Department of Health Emergency Medical Services’ Ebola Task Force

Charles Gilbert, Ph.D., M.S., of United Alliance Services Corporation, was appointed as the lead scientist for the Ebola task force for Suffolk County, NY’s Department of Health Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Gilbert is an epidemiologist and toxicologist with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in occupational and environmental health, and he is currently charged with training for first responders in cases of suspected Ebola virus infections.

Since the beginning of October Dr. Gilbert has trained over two hundred first responders in hospital planning & activities, Ebola virus epidemiology, ambulance preparation, patient transport, personal protective equipment (PPE) and post-exposure surveillance. Training includes demonstrations on the proper protocol for donning and doffing PPE and ambulance draping.

“Dr. Gilbert has the protocol down. He has been studying hemorrhagic fever for 20 years and is able to break down the most critical information into bite-sized, memorable pieces. He truly cares about his students and wants them to have the best available information,” stated Marc Bianco, EVP/COO, United Alliance Services.

“Remember body substance isolation. If it is wet and gooey, and not yours, do not touch it!” is sage advice from Dr. Gilbert.

 “We are thrilled to have an expert epidemiologist taking the lead for training for United Alliance Services during this Ebola virus outbreak. First responders who take his class can trust that they are in the best hands,” says Valerie Wakefield, CEO/President, United Alliance Services.

Classes for Suffolk County first responders are available through the Regional Emergency Medical Services Council (REMSCO). Dr. Gilbert will be instructing first responders weekly throughout the region. If your staff requires Ebola safety awareness training please contact United Alliance Services at (877) 399-1698.