What Your Body is Worth According to the State Workers Compensation System

Loss of hearing ~ In one ear: $31,553.74 ~ In both ears: $83,780.63

Loss of sight~ In one eye: $42,434.34 ~ In both eyes: $104,453.76

Loss of taste: $17,408.96

Loss of major arm: $46,786.58

Loss of minor arm: $42,434.34

Loss of both arms: $104,453.76

Loss of hand: $36,994.04

Loss of leg: $42,434.44

Loss of sexual function: $10,880.60

Loss of foot: $31,553.74

10″ scar on your leg: $0


*The rates quoted apply to losses following a work-related Injury occurring after October 1, 2010
Source: Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA)

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