Workplace Safety, FEMA and OSHA Assistance during Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Cleanup in New York and New Jersey

 photo credit Daquella Manera Everystock Photo

At United Alliance Services we are always looking for ways to assist our clients with business interruptions like natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy has proven to be one of those interruptions that none of us want to deal with. These types of events affect your business and employee safety in more ways than one. We urge all employers, employees and members of the public engaged in cleanup and recovery activities to be aware of the hazards they might encounter and the necessary steps they should take to protect themselves.

Some of the common health and safety hazards workers may encounter include; downed electrical wires, carbon monoxide and electrical hazards from portable generators, fall and “struck-by” hazards from tree trimming or working at heights, being caught in unprotected excavations or confined spaces, burns, lacerations, musculoskeletal injuries, being struck by traffic or heavy equipment, and encountering contaminated water during flood cleanup.

Protective measures involve evaluating the work area for all hazards; assuming all power lines are live; following safe practices when doing tree work; using fall protection and proper ladder safety when working at heights; task specific exposure monitoring; and utilizing proper precautions for traffic work zones.

Additionally, FEMA on Oct. 30 declared six New York counties (Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, and Suffolk) and nine New Jersey counties (Atlantic, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union) eligible for FEMA’s Public Assistance Program.

At you can find:

More information on designated disaster areas in New York
More information on designated disaster areas in New Jersey
More information on assistance available through OSHA at 800-321-OSHA.

Please feel free to contact United Alliance Services at 877-399-1698 if our safety professionals can provide assistance to you or your organization in any way with hurricane Sandy recovery and cleanup. Our services include HazWoper training, OSHA Safety Training, Industrial Hygiene Assessments, Safety Program Development and on-site consultative services safety oversight.