1926 Subpart R: Steel Erection

29 CFR 1926 is the construction standard for safety and health under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.  Part 1926 currently has 28 subparts that cover a wide array of construction topics like Blasting and the Use of Explosives, Excavations, Fall Protection and Steel Erection.

Subpart R of 29 CFR 1926 covers safety standards for Steel Erection. The Steel Erection Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee (SENRAC) was formed in 1994; with the sole focus of making a recommendation to OSHA as the Subpart R standard for Steel Erection was being developed. The committee was comprised of appointed representatives from labor, industry, public interests and government- including OSHA.

Concerns regarding the high level of hazards, number of steel erection worker fatalities, and disabling injuries prompted the development of Subpart R. OSHA as well as leaders in the industry recognized that there were conditions and hazards that steel erectors faced as part of their everyday work environment that needed specific safety requirements in addition to those in part 1926.

The requirements in § 1926.761 (the training section of Subpart R) supplement OSHA’s general training and education requirements for construction contained in § 1926.21. The standard puts the onus on the employer to a) make sure it has programs necessary to comply with the training requirements, b) ascertain whether or not an employee needs training or refresher training to perform their assigned duties safely, and  c) ensure all training be conducted by a qualified person.

This gives employers the flexibility to decide whether or not developing an in-house program with all of the required elements, or hiring a qualified third party to conduct training is the right choice for them.

United Alliance Services offers Steel Erection Safety Compliance Training that complies with all of the requirements put forth in Subpart R.

In this four hour course, attendees will learn proper steel erection safety. In addition to awareness training on procedures that are required in the 1926 OSHA construction standard, it is designed to assist contractors, engineers, architects, and other safety personnel in understanding and compliance with the current Subpart R Steel Erection Standard. 

Topics include the specific safety considerations for steel erection; site layout, hoisting and rigging, structural steel assembly, column anchorage, fall protection and more. Visuals, reference materials, handouts and “hands-on” demonstrations are utilized in this course when available.

The application of Subpart R in the workplace has been able to effectively reduce injuries and fatalities in the structural steel industry.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1995 38 structural metal workers died from workplace accidents. In 2014 that number dropped to 15.

If you would like to know more about Subpart R and safety in steel erection, please give us a call. We are always happy to answer your questions.  (877) 399-1698.