24 Hour Fall Protection for the Competent Person

EM 385-1-1 is the Safety and Health Requirements Manual for the US Army Corps of Engineers. It references both 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1926, yet it has more rigorous requirements in some cases.  It covers program management, medical and first aid, personal protective and safety equipment, hazardous or toxic agents and environments, material handling, rigging, fall protection, confined space entry and 26 other topics.

When working with the USACE as a contractor, there are many specific regulations to follow, including training. For instance Contractor Site Safety and Health Officers (SSHO) must have completed pre-requisite training, and must continue with 8 hours of professional development training every year. Training requirements under EM 385-1-1 include OSHA 30 Hour General Industry or OSHA 30 Hour Construction, first aid and CPR and AED, blood borne pathogen safety training, 40 Hour HAZWOPER training and more.

Fall protection is one of the most important safety aspects in construction, as the leading cause of fatalities in construction is from falls. OSHA, ANSI/ASSE and UASCE all have guidelines on fall protection and fall protection training.

In order to comply with all of the requirements from OSHA, UASCE and ANSI, fall protection training must cover fall protection and the hierarchy of controls, fall protection systems, administrative controls, aerial lifts, confined space as well as more regulations from OSHA, UASCE and ANSI.

24 Hour Fall Protection for the Competent Person is a course specifically designed for workers  in a leadership position who must also serve as the competent person and supervise other contractors and employees working at an elevated level.

The United Alliance Services’ 24 Hour Fall Protection for the Competent Person course is compliant with all of the requirements for USACE EM385. This is a must have certification for supervisors who currently are or are looking to contract with the USACE.

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